The meaning of Potlatch?

A Potlatch is a very particular ritual among North American Indian peoples of the north-west coast. It is a feast related with consumption and luxury at which possessions are given away to display wealth and enhance prestige.

It is, after all, a universal phenomenon among humans; a need to gather and exchange the very best from each other, in joy. Christmas is a worldwide potlatch. Lunar New Year, too. A birthday party is a small potlatch.


Our services

Creative feast01

We understand our work in the very same way. We like to extract the very best insights related with the brand and offer them in a creative feast for our clients.

The best foundation for creativity02

Insights related with trends, modern art, illustration, philosophy, anthropology, science, history, music and any other cultural expression, to create strong, strategic and rich content, based on truths that last in time.

Our Services03

We do concept developing and creativity, packaging design and execution, for luxury and premium brands.

Our Team04

Our team includes creative talent from all over the world: Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Belgium, Colombia, South Africa, USA & China, to ensure a holistic point of view over our ideas.


Potlatch is a creative boutique agency based in Barcelona with 20 years of experience in concept creation, relevant content production, and packaging for global luxury brands.
We work for inspiring brands that want to reach an intelligent audience, with a taste for beauty and a sweet tooth for good stories.